Britain: 1 in 4 lap dancers has a degree

From Merry Old England: One in four lap dancers has a college degree, according to a University of Leeds study. The university graduates, who typically have arts degrees, say they couldn’t find other jobs. And the money’s good.

The preliminary findings of the year-long study, which will include interviews with 300 dancers, reveal that all the women interviewed had finished school and gained some qualifications. Most (87 per cent) had at least completed a further education course, while one in four had undergraduate degrees. Just over one in three dancers were in some form of education, with 13.9 per cent using dancing to help fund an undergraduate degree, 6.3 per cent to help fund a postgraduate degree, and 3.8 per cent using it to fund further education courses.

Via Hit & Run Blog’s Battle of the Sucky School Stats.

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  1. I knew a girl who was funding a large portion of her Stanford degree by working as a dancer in an upscale “gentleman’s club”. Sure beat the pay of most other off-campus jobs if one can get past the whole “ick” factor.

  2. Cranberry says:
  3. Heck, working as a cashier at a supermarket probably pays better than what many people with arts degrees make.

  4. It’s kind of suspicious how often one government agency or another finds it necessary to “investigate” some aspect of stripper culture. It’s almost as if someone working for the government found it enjoyable to tool around interviewing strippers – by necessity in their native environment.

    We have no idea how many supermarket cashiers have a college degree or the ratio of college degrees in the fast food trades, but we’re quite well informed about many aspects of the stripper trade.

  5. I knew someone who paid for law school with earnings from stripping.