47% of black males graduate on time

Only 47 percent of black male students earned a high school diploma on schedule in 2008, reports the Schott Foundation.  In New York, 25 percent of black males earned a Regents diploma on time.

New Jersey, with a 69 percent black male graduation rate, is the only state with a significant black population to top 65 percent. Maryland came second at 55 percent with California third at 54 percent and Pennsylvania close behind at 53 percent.

Not known for educational excellence, Newark had the highest black male graduation rate of any major city, notes Jay Mathews.

In Newark, the graduation rate for black males was 76 percent. The other school districts nearest that level were Fort Bend, Tex. (68 percent), Baltimore County, Md. (67 percent) and Montgomery County, Md. (65 percent). The list only included states with more than 100,000 black male students and districts with more than 10,000 black male students.

New Jersey’s data is self-reported by schools and may be inflated, Mathews warns. In addition, the state lets schools graduate some students who haven’t passed the state graduation exam. One way to raise graduation rates is to lower standards.

Black female students, who face different social pressures, do much better than their brothers.

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  1. Joanne, please know that New Jersey’s graduation rate overall is grossly inflated…almost 13,000 students annually fail our standard high school exit exam as many as three times before receiving a diploma via our highly questionable alternate route process. A former commissioner once called this the “urban graduation scam.”

    What is also unknown is that our standard exit exam is essentially a middle school skills battery, and students are proficient after answering just half of the questions correctly. Despite this, in school year 07-08, 39% of Newark’s graduates overall had to use the alternate route.

    Your readers can find out more here: http://www.nje3.org/?p=404

    In summary, Newark has a high graduation rate for black males because we set the bar low, give a diploma to everyone, and lie about it at every opportunity.


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