Teacher sues for yelling injury

An Australian teacher who hurt her larynx yelling at students is suing the government for $400,000.

Valissa Julietta Bauer, 39, claims she had to yell to control the students in her combined Year 6 and 7 class at Thabeban State School in Bundaberg, Queensland. The large class included “special needs children, including a diabetic child who required insulin injections, two autistic children, a child with cardiac disorders and a few children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” The school didn’t assign enough staff to the class, Bauer complains.

Now a part-time teacher at a private school, Bauer says she’s permanently disabled because of her injured larynx.

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  1. Amy in Texas says:

    She should have used a whistle instead. Music stores have the really loud ones. Works great! My kids see it and they hold their ears…now I just have to put it in my mouth and they stop.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    My kids had an el ed teacher who didn’t bother with classroom control.
    He just shouted louder than the uproar for the entire day.


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