Teaching badly on TV

If Intervention can get addicts and alcoholics to sober up, can Classroom Intervention turn struggling teachers into Mr. Chips?

The cable channel A&E will premier the new reality show  in September, reports This Week in Education. Each episode will focus on a teacher who’s having trouble in the classroom.

Some of the teachers will be rookies.  Others will be veterans.  Each will be observed, then counseled in an intense evaluation and support program.  Some will improve.  Others will fail. 

If it becomes popular, it could shed enormous light on the plight of classroom teachers and the challenges of helping them improve.

Teachers who want to be on the show — or want to nominate a colleague — should contact A&E. 

I can’t imagine putting my professional troubles on the air, but there always are volunteers for this sort of thing. Look at the shows where a nanny swoops in to help incompetent parents.

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