Sex ed in Montana

Sex education in kindergarten? Some Helena, Montana parents are opposing a K-12 health curriculum are upset about a proposed sex education curriculum.

The proposed curriculum (pdf) calls for teaching words for body parts, such as penis, vagina, nipples and testicles, to kindergartners. First graders would learn to “understand human beings can love people of the same gender and people of another gender.” Fifth-graders would learn that sexual intercourse “includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration,” reports CNN.

Forget Sex Ed, Teach Math and Science, writes Scott Gulbransen on Technorati Politics.

Parents have the responsibility to teach younger kids age-appropriate information about the birds and the bees. When Johnny can’t read why does he need to learn about anal sex?

Public education in the United States needs to focus its attention on teaching the kids the fundamentals they need to succeed in a changing world. They need to learn computer science, physics, biology, English and geography.

Leave parenting to the parents.

Gulbransen left out reading. Teach ’em to read and they can read dirty books to find out about different methods of penetration.

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  1. SuperSub says:

    All I can think of is the scene in Kindergarten Cop where the boy says something like “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.”
    As a science teacher I am not opposed to children knowing the correct terms, even in kindergarten, but I am concerned that time would be best spent working on other material.
    As for the 1st graders learning about relationships… that’s too early.
    And the 5th graders… I’m not sure they should be learning that because I don’t even know what other options there are other than vaginal, oral, or anal penetration.

  2. How times have changed.

    I think I was in college before I realized there were other ways of “doing it” (other than the typical vaginal intercourse you learn about as “baby making mechanics.”)

    I dunno. I tend to come down on the side of “it’s the parents’ responsibility and the parents’ say,” but then again, kids hear all kinds of crazy and wrong stuff on the playground when their peers know more than they do.

  3. Schools – and other government institutions – are doing too many things that should be expected or demanded of parents. It’s not as if they are doing such a wonderful job of academics that they can afford to spend school time on extraneous stuff.

  4. Example #8,324 why my kids will never attend a government school. And, no, this nonsense is not taught in the private schools that they attend.

  5. I’m fine with correct anatomical names being taught to elementary students as part of a study of the human body. I’m also fine with middle schoolers being taught about puberty (though 4th grade strikes me as rather early), human reproduction, and also about STD transmission (especially that alternate methods of intercourse can still transmit STD’s). But the schools should stick to the scientific aspects and leave all the other stuff to parents. A 6th grader should NOT learn in school about using “objects” in sex- yikes!

  6. Yet another example of the implicit assumption that the only way people learn things is *in school*…the assumption that creativity will not be learned unless the schools teach it being another.

    It seems that the worse the schools get at doing their core job, the more broadly they want to extend their function.

  7. I don’t believe that creativity can be taught; only encouraged or discouraged. I also believe that any useful aspect of creativity flows from sound knowledge and skills in the target area. It seems as if the schools much prefer to focus on soft skills that cannot be measured objectively than on academic knowledge that can be measured objectively; it’s much easier that way.

  8. Deirdre Mundy says:

    Mom of 4– so you’re saying MT’s program would be better if it included a practicum? (teehee)

    I assume you meant to post this on the thread below…..

    But it’s pretty funny where it is! 🙂

  9. You’re right – I was getting very sloppy. Sorry.

  10. I was just about to ask if “creativity” referred to the proposed 5th grade curriculum.


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