School board lobbyist earned $540,395

After using his California School Boards Association credit card to withdraw more than $11,000 in cash at casinos, executive director Scott Plotkin resigned from the job. In the last year on record, he earned $540,395, including a $175,000 bonus, reports the Sacramento Bee. That’s roughly double the pay of directors of similar government lobbying groups.

Tax filings in 2008 reflect salaries for five of the seven members of CSBA’s executive staff. Each was paid at least $165,000. After Plotkin, Deputy Executive Director Martin Gonzalez was the next highest paid, earning $233,545, including a $15,000 bonus.

The CSBA is funded by school district dues, which means it’s ultimately the taxpayers’ money.

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  1. Peace Corps says:

    How can anyone justify this salary for a parasite on the education system?

  2. How accurate is the “popular comment” on the side?

    “California’s State Department and our County Departments of Education are almost wholly made-up of literally thousands of ‘school management personnel’ who lack school-based experience and are not required to possess rigorous professional teaching credentials.”

    If this comment is not displaying, you can see it by selecting “most-recommended first” in the comments section at the bottom. It should be at the top unless it was dethroned.

  3. Appalling. “[T]housands of dollars [charged] to a company credit card at area casinos” came from “$5 million in membership dues paid by public school districts.” What do casinos have to do with education? Even if Plotkin “paid back the money,” he shouldn’t have spent it at casinos in the first place.

  4. erheault says:

    Hey the lobbisits are all hard working union men give them a break and a raise in salry it is hard work buying senators and handling graft for reelections.


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