Preschoolers meet their soldier

Home from Afghanistan, Sgt. Mark Alvares surprised his preschool pen pals, who happened to be celebrating Hero Week. Alvares’ wife, who teaches at Bright Horizons in Los Gatos, had helped the children send a painted flag, Valentine’s Day cards, Easter bunny ears, bracelets and a DVD of the kids singing to the troops. I was amused by this part:

“I played Army man a lot when I was a kid,” Alvares said. “Then I grew up to be one.”

“Well, I want to be a princess,” one girl said. “Me too, me too,” chimed a few other girls.

A reservist, Alvares will return to his job as a San Jose police officer.

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  1. Play soldier at school? Poor guy doesn’t know they’ll probably get in trouble if they try that at recess.

  2. Good thing he’s not a medic.