Graduating and churning

On Community College Spotlight: Only the private sector has the capacity to raise the number of low-income students earning college degrees, writes Tom Vander Ark on EdReformers. Private-sector providers serve more at-risk students. Compared to the public sector, they “do a better job graduating students, deliver superior income gains, and do so at a societal cost comparable to public institutions,”a report finds.

Public colleges have a perverse incentive to churn students — bringing in new ones to replace the dropouts — rather than to do the hard work of helping struggling students complete a degree, writes Michael Kirst of College Puzzle.

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  1. wahoofive says:

    I understand that elementary schools have an obligation to help struggling first-graders. But aren’t college students supposed to be self-reliant? College isn’t for everyone, and community colleges are over-enrolled right now. Preventing “dropouts” from college shouldn’t be that high on our priority list.

  2. SuperSub says:

    I think the point of the churning comment is that the colleges are not actually providing the services they promise… essentially they are committing fraud.


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