Best students get nursing slots

On Community College Spotlight:  For years, community colleges have used lotteries or first-come, first-served wait lists to determine who’d get a chance to study nursing. Failure rates were high. Now, many colleges are choosing applicants with the highest grades (and sometimes test scores).  More students are graduating and passing licensure exams.

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  1. Unlike many fields, nursing has real-world standards; a serious exam must be passed in order to become a nurse. Therefore, admission should be determined solely by qualifications because admitting those who are unlikely to pass the licensure exam is fundamentally dishonest (and has heavy financial consequences for those who fail).

  2. They will, of course, be sued.

  3. Cardinal Fang says:

    Do we have enough nurses? Seems like there might be a niche here for a for-profit nursing school, if there is so much demand for nursing school.

  4. And in other news, the sun rises in the east.

    What did they expect would happen when they chose better-performing students? And why do we act surprised when this happens? One would think that that’s how *all* schools would be choosing their students–in a rational world.

  5. “Now, many colleges are choosing applicants with the highest grades (and sometimes test scores). More students are graduating and passing licensure exams.”

    Merit works.

  6. I have first hand experience with this. When I met my wife she was wait-listed at a College in Columbia, SC because they did first come first serve. She would of had to wait two or three years.

    When she moved in with me, she discovered that Central Carolina Technical College in Sumter had competitive admissions, and she easily got right in.

    Her first class had close to 100 students in it, only 35 or so eventually graduated, and this was after competitive admission.

    I compare Nursing School to Navy Seal training, you either got it right within two tries or you were out. The standards were very very clear… sort of how education should be.

    Its pretty easy to compare nursing schools… just look at the NCLEX pass rate for its students.

    Good ones will have above an 85% pass rate, while crappy ones have pass rates as low as 50%.

    The amazing thing, is that in South Carolina, most Technical Colleges has pass rates that beat that of USC Columbia’s 4 year program (79.65% – 2009).

    There isn’t much of an advantage to a 4-year RN program over a 2 year program…. the exact same certification, same starting pay.

    When you consider how many accelerated Associates to Bachelors RN online programs their are out there, Community Colleges are by far the better choice financially, since the graduates can make around $40K – 50K a year while the BSN students are still paying tuition.

    Just saying…


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