The remedial math problem

On Spotlight:  Community colleges are seeking solutions to the remedial math problem.

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  1. If students don’t learn the basics properly at an early age, they will have extreme difficulty later. It’s at the later grades that problems become apparent, but at earlier grades where the greatest changes need to be made.

  2. SuperSub says:

    Early fluency in basic math operations is as important as early fluency in reading, writing, and speaking a language. Without it students will be completely unable to grasp the concepts behind more advanced operations. Remedial math in college is a bandaid… the bleeding must be stopped at its source – elementary school.

  3. Ye gods, Obi-Wandreas, that’s scary.  I am an extremely left-brained person and had I been subjected to a curriculum which turned everything into arts & crafts, I would have dropped out by the fifth grade.

    If I had a child in a school system which tried such a thing, I would want to sue.  The problem is I don’t know what the grounds would be, or if I would even have standing.

  4. College – both CC and 4-year – and high school math/science teachers need to stand up and start screaming that the elementary and middle schools MUST FIX their math curriculum and instruction, so that kids are prepared for real HS and college math and science. It just like building a house or a bridge; without a proper foundation and framework, it all falls apart.


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