The college bubble

Is the higher education bubble about to burst?

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  1. I don’t think the term “bubble” works all that well in this context. More like the collapse of a monopoly in that bubbles are driven by speculative investment and monopolies are driven by control of the market.

  2. C.Siriphokha says:

    I’ve taught at both a private and a public university before the economic downturn and can say during that time many students in school should not have been there. Some were there to party away four years, others attended due to the pressure from their families. Their work suffered and they were often the ones who were dismissed from school with nothing to show, but a large bill. I think the “bubble burst” being stated by Reynolds means that these type of students will not be enrolling at universities. People with think hard about their future and not use college to “find themselves”. This is why community colleges and vocational schools are increasing enrollment. Although income to universities being generated by students will decrease, the quality of student will increase.


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