Teen werewolves in Texas

San Antonio high schools have the usual cliques: Cheerleaders, nerds, jocks, Goths and werewolves, reports  KENS5-TV.  Would-be werewolves wear contact lenses to make their eyes yellow, fangs, chains and tails sewn to their jeans. (High school officials have banned the chains and tails as disruptive violations of the dress code.)

. . . movies like Van Helsing and the Twilight series have captured the attention of teenagers. They may not be mutating from man to wolf, but Northside school district counselors warn these teens are experiencing transformations of their own: from childhood to adulthood.

They’re not trying to be scary, wolf pack members say. They’re “family.”

A boy named Dei wears a leash.  “His mom has a leash on him too,” reports KENS. Pam Manley keeps Dei tethered to family, his chores and his studies.

“As soon as he walks in the door, he is supposed to take out the fangs, lose the lenses and put his hair back,” Manley said. “They’re good kids. And it takes some courage to stand up and be who you want to be and be able to express yourself in this way.”

However, 23-year-old Wolfie Blackheart is being investigated for cutting off a dog’s head — she says the dog was dead before she started — boiling it and posting a photo of the skull online.   “I would never kill a canine,” the amateur taxidermist told the local newspaper. “I am a canine.”

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  1. georgelarson says:

    “I would never kill a canine,” the amateur taxidermist told the local newspaper. “I am a canine.”

    But canines kill and eat canines.

    Wolves eat coyotes and coyotes eat foxes. I have read of adult wolves killing and eating wolf pups too.

    However, I do believe her when she said she did not kill the dog she decapitated.

  2. Cranberry says:

    I assume Wolfie Blackheart is not currently enrolled in high school.

    What’s the difference between a werewolf pack and a gang? Do some of these schools ban certain “gang colors,” but permit werewolf costumes? And do those yellow contacts make it harder to read?

    Is this PR for the new Twilight film? Or are there teens who really are this inane?

  3. The words “teen” and “inane” are pretty much synonymous.

  4. Bob Hawkins says:

    I haven’t seen “Twilight,” but anyone who would be influenced by a movie as bad as “Van Helsing” is too dumb to be let off the leash.

    “Van Helsing” had a scene in which a horse-drawn carriage, loaded with wooden stakes for killing vampires, drove off a cliff, and when it hit the ground, it exploded.

  5. I don’t think they can really be considered a gang unless the other “groups” are gangs too… gangs go around harassing people and committing crimes.

  6. I don’t know… I thought this was kind of “charming”… what’s the big deal? They’re kids trying to figure themselves out, exploring what self-identity means… I don’t see anything destructive or problematic here… though, I would think it would be better to develop an identity around a sport, an activity, a skill, academic achievement, a hobby… something a little more “constructive”…

  7. jovie and zoe says:

    Ok so its not as bad as my friend made it out to be. I kind of expected them to be sitting in trees randomly howling but ok. So me and jovie goof around saying shes a wolf and im a vamp and our friends tease us about it too. They take it a little too far. So ive worn cat ears, but instead of thinking about how they r just making self identity claims, they should think about the people around them and if there uncomfortable. I mean, I don’t go around in top hats and dark make up and tutus n corsets all the time even though i would like to. It would be awkward for other people, they wouldn’t know what to say.
    So yeah i could care less what they r doing they could go hunting in the forest for all i care, i just have one thing to say.
    “Those are freaking cat eyes dimwit! Are you a werewolf or a vamp? I think this is making your self identity worse!” ^^

    Agreeing with zoe, it wasn’t as bad as our friends said it was. I think it’s okay and all to be wolfs and being different. I mean seriously..normal? But somethings have limits and this whole wolf-cat-eye-decapitating dog head thing is definitely overboard. Like zoe said, she’s a vampire and i’m a wolf but only cause we actually have some characteristics. We don’t add things to ourselves to stick out like Cloud’s hair or something. She prefers cold i like hot. She’s pale and I’m olive toned. We both bite people and i eat alot and adore meat. She likes the taste of blood(Zoe- Its metalicy!)Anyway, all I’m saying as that be different but don’t make people uncomfortable. I know you all might say “We don’t care what people think” but…

    You have to care enough for people to respect you and your pack, not just think you’re insane teenage wolves that need to go to the insane institute. I mean seriously? You’re disgracing the wolf name! I’m a vamp and I agree. Stand out for your “species” but don’t make them freak shows. I would hate it if my fellow vamps went around killing dogs and steeling blood from blood banks or something.
    -Jovie and Zoe


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