Should Congress delay ESEA?

Should Congress delay reauthorization of the Elementary And Secondary Education Act? National Journal’s Education Experts can’t agree whether waiting till 2011 would be more likely to create a better law. Fordham’s Checker Finn writes:

Better to get it right than to move hastily, even if Congress didn’t already have such a full plate–and such near-total dysfunctionality when it comes to addressing knotty policy problems. Keep in mind throughout that ESEA has a million more elements than the half dozen key Title I -related provisions that we associate with NCLB. Even if there were a semblance of consensus about the latter — I happen to think the Duncan/Obama “blueprint” has considerable merit but many do not — the Congress would get totally hung up on things like bilinguial education and impact aid and the future of Senator Kennedy’s “whaling program” and hundreds of other things that have little to do with AYP or proficiency or standards or results-based accountabilty.

Do it right and do it now, counters Bob Wise of Alliance for Excellent Education.

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