'Sexters' threatened with suspension

New York City’s public school students caught “sexting” — sending explicit messages or photos — will face a 90-day suspension — even if they’re sexting at home on their own time.

Under proposed new rules, students also could be suspended for “cyber-bullying” a classmate.

Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union said public schools should not regulate activities outside schools. Unless sexting is narrowly defined, she said, students could be punished for harmless love notes.

Most sexting starts as a consensual act: A girl sends a sexy message to her boyfriend. If he sends it on to a few friends, it can get nasty. But I can’t see that adolescent foolishness is the school’s business.

Cyber-bullying is a tougher call because the victim may be afraid to come to school.

Beware of nattering nanny-staters, says Hot Air.

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  1. The more incompetent schools become at carrying out their core function, the more they stick their noses into things that are none of their business.

  2. The problem is that while we here who are involved in the education of our children are appalled at schools taking such liberties, others expect the schools to do so.

    I think, for example, of how many children at my building, carrying cell phones and hundred dollar sneakers, would go hungry were it not for the food provided at the school. In a more sane society, this would be called child abuse. As schools willingly pick up the responsibilities abrogated by some parents, they expect to take those responsibilities from all parents.

  3. When I was teaching in the South Bronx, one of my 5th graders beat his little brother so badly he required hospitalization. There were, of course, no consequences. Another kid punched me, and the only consequence was the AP talking to *me* about how I needed to be more understanding. A 90-day suspension for sending suggestive pictures? Please.

  4. The school has no business regulating the off-campus, non-school-activity behavior of anyone. Now scroll up and re-read David Foster’s comment for why they try to.

  5. I’d go even further; they actually seem to be much more interested in non-academic issues than they are in real education.


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