Hearing racism

Hallmark has pulled a graduation card with a micro-speaker that talks about astronomy because Los Angeles NAACP members think “black holes” is a reference to “black whores.”

The card say:  “Hey world, we are officially putting you on notice.” Characters called Hoops and Yoyo banter.  “And you black holes, you are so ominous. Watch your back,” the card says.

“That was very demeaning to African American women. When it made reference to African American women as whores and at the end, it says ‘watch your back,'” said Leon Jenkins of the Los Angeles NAACP.

When Hallmark was reached by phone, they said the card is all a misunderstanding. The card’s theme is the solar system and emphasizes the power of the grad to take over the universe, even energy-absorbing black holes.

However, NAACP members say they can hear an “r” instead of an “l.”  It seems to be a case of hearing loss combined with loss of common sense.

Via Dave Thompson and Protein Wisdom.

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  1. SuperSub says:

    Funny how you always hear the NAACP chasing ridiculous ‘incidents’ like this but never actually stepping forward to actually help colored people advance. Can’t they be sued for false advertising?

  2. The link plays the audio of the card. How seriously fscking stoopid do you have to be to even THINK that’s what it says?!?

  3. And yet, when real racism occurs, they do little. As much as I love Vermont, it’s got a lot of racial prejudice bubbling right under the surface.

  4. you’d think the NAACP would go after the ones most harming their own people and culture, such as rappers, BET… but hallmark? seriously? a novelty gift card company is The Man holding you down?

  5. SuperSub says:

    You yourself calls the poster a ‘lunatic’ which generally identifies someone as out of thr mainstream. While I am not from Vermont nor pay attention to what’s going on there and therefore admit that I cannot prove that it isn’t a hotbed of racism, an anonymous internet comment does not prove anything other than there is an idiot with an internet connection somewhere in the world.

    Personally, I want to see a line of greeting cards written by Kanye West or 50 cent with gangsta rap themes.
    “Hope you recover from the shooting”
    “Happy Mother’s Day to my baby mama”
    “Congratulations on your release from jail!”

  6. This says “Los Angeles NAACP members,” not the NAACP, nor the Los Angeles NAACP.

    I’m a member of the San Jose NAACP and I say all kinds of crazy things.

    If I find one other member to agree with me, then you can print an accurate news piece that says, “Members of the San Jose NAACP claim the Earth is flat.”

  7. Robert, that excuse won’t fly. Leon Jenkins is not just a member of the Los Angeles NAACP, but the president.

  8. David, to tell you the truth, an unspoken part of this story is that the NAACP isn’t what it used to be.

    Membership is way down, many local NAACP websites don’t work; it’s an association with a shining past and basically no present.

    It’s not surprising that somebody like Jenkins was able to become president of an organization that is no longer functional.

    The implication of the story is still misleading.

    Though there are some people who have been wounded so deeply by racism that they hear it in the wind, I find that more sad than ridiculous.

    But these are individuals. It’s not an accurate representation of anything much beyond that.

  9. Diana Senechal says:

    Exquisite line: “It seems to be a case of hearing loss combined with loss of common sense.”

    It deserves to be oft-quoted.

  10. Richard Nieporent says:

    This is not the first time this happened.

    A special meeting about Dallas County traffic tickets turned tense and bizarre this afternoon.
    County commissioners were discussing problems with the central collections office that is used to process traffic ticket payments and handle other paperwork normally done by the JP Courts.
    Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield, who is white, said it seemed that central collections “has become a black hole” because paperwork reportedly has become lost in the office.
    Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is black, interrupted him with a loud “Excuse me!” He then corrected his colleague, saying the office has become a “white hole.”
    That prompted Judge Thomas Jones, who is black, to demand an apology from Mayfield for his racially insensitive analogy.


  11. Michael E. Lopez says:

    The liar he had a white soul.
    And in space, we might find a white hole.
    I insulted this one guy
    And he gave me a white eye –
    ‘Twas white as the pure driven coal.

    It seems there’s a terrible lack
    Of expressions that begin with “Black”.
    There used to be many,
    But now there ain’t any,
    And now we use white for the slack.

  12. Richard Aubrey says:

    The power of feigned offense is little diluted.
    Some day, though….

  13. Cranberry says:

    It as an attempt to grab headlines. It worked.

    It’s easier to attack Hallmark than the teachers’ unions.

  14. Bill Leonard says:

    Just goes to show that there is at least publicity, if not money, to be made in the grievance industry.


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