He earned a piece of the pie

In Don’t Try This at Home, Kids, David Boaz of Cato @ Liberty asks:

Q. What role did formal education play in the success of Chris Haney, the co-creator of the board game Trivial Pursuit, which he and Scott Abbott sold to Hasbro for $80 million?

A. Born Aug. 9, 1950, in Welland, Ontario, Mr. Haney often described himself as a beer-swilling high school dropout whose biggest mistake was quitting school at 17. “I should have done it when I was 12,” he said in interviews.

Once a Canadian journalist — his father helped him get his first job — Haney has died at 59 in Toronto of kidney and circulatory problems.

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  1. i conclude that all children should drop out of school, invent dumb board games based on the memorization of trivia. . .oh wait, isn’t school basically a non-game version of that? huh. weird. anyway, let’s not get distracted from the point of this piece. . .if students drop out of school, they will definitely be as successful, if not more successful than this beer-swilling dude.

    p.s. i don’t think school is about memorizing trivia, but some people still think that. *sigh*

  2. Charles R. Williams says:

    He wrecked his kidneys with too much beer. Should have stayed in school and gone to college……..I take that back.

  3. If he’d stayed in school, snark, snark, he’d have made $180 million. Cause he’d be smarter, you see.

  4. So his big accomplishment was making it fun to memorize and recite meaningless unconnected facts? If he could get around that “meaningless unconnected” part, maybe he should be teaching education classes instead of PHD’s!


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