Free and too easy

To encourage students to apply to college, Indiana education officials persuaded the state’s colleges and universities to waive application fees during College Go! Week. It was a big mess, reports the South Bend Tribune.

Enrollment officials across the state said their staffs wasted hundreds of hours sorting through applications, many of them incomplete, and trying to follow up with students who had no intention of attending college.

. . . Students at many Indiana high schools were simply instructed to fill out college admission applications as a class project. So it was difficult for universities to predict who was serious about attending college.

Indiana University, which lost  more than $300,000 in fees, will not repeat the experiment next year. Purdue sounds like it’s out too. Serious applicants won’t pay to apply if they can wait till College Go! Week and do it for free. Organizers say next year they won’t pressure college and universities to waive fees and will tell high schools not to assign students to fill out applications.

Via Washington Monthly.

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  1. SuperSub says:

    Really, all they could come up with was College Go!? Lame…

    Personally, I’d prefer a College No! Week.

  2. don’t the same arguments apply to all education subsidies?


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