Turnarounds: Tough or flexible?

The administration’s turnaround models for the bottom 5 percent of schools are too rigid and punitive, argues Rep. Judy Chu, D-California. Her plan would give schools more flexibility to shape their own solutions. National Journal’s Education Experts debate flexibility vs. toughness.

Tom Vander Ark of Revolution Learning:

We’re talking about the worst schools in the country that have been on a Needs Improvement list for most of a decade. They’ve had years of flexibility, they should be closed and replaced.

Diane Ravitch thinks Chu’s plan is a lot better than Arne Duncan’s.

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  1. In my district within 3 years all of the high schools and middle schools will be in school improvement status.

    What happens then?

    When will we start addressing the real problem, the fact that the kids and parents do not value education?