Teaching the iGeneration

On Community College Spotlight:  Colleges look for better ways to teach the iGeneration.

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  2. Cardinal Fang says:

    At my local community college, some courses are entirely online. I’ve taken one math, one econ and one music course online, and was unimpressed with all of them; the actual teaching component was absent. I expect to read my textbook, but I also expect the teacher to teach, and that did not happen in these online courses.

    Online courses might work for very motivated students, who will go out and teach themselves, but then, anything will work for those students, who are in the small minority. I don’t think online teaching systems have figured out a way to teach most students.

    On the other hand, hybrid brick-and-mortar/online classes are a major improvement over all brick-and-mortar classes for some subjects. For lower level math classes (through calculus & statistics) and for lower level language classes, online homework systems work wonderfully and are a huge success, making life easier for both students and teachers. The student can get immediate feedback as to whether she understands the problem, the system organizes her homework so she can see at a glance what she has finished and what she needs to do, and the professor can easily see who is doing the homework and who not.


  1. The Tory Boy says:

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