Prayer and math lab

On Community College Spotlight:  Students have a right to “non-disruptive” prayer on campus, including in a shared faculty office,  and Tennessee colleges use computer labs — not classes — to teach remedial math, reading and other courses.

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  1. tim-10-ber says:

    Tennessee colleges? How about Tennessee high schools? Flunk a course? No problem…go to summer school…take a computer class and voila…you pass the class. But…what did you learn? Probably nothing…

  2. Students should be able to pray however and wherever they want (as long as it’s not disruptive… eg out-loud prayers in the middle of class). Teachers also have this same right (again, as long as they are not leading their class in prayer, etc.)

    HOWEVER, it does bother me when a teacher is praying with current students, even outside of class… other students may feel, rightly or wrongly, that students who pray with the teacher may have a unfair advantage. The reality is, grading is rarely 100% objective… when awarding partial credit, it is very easy to be unintentionally more lenient on students you like… I have to do my best to guard against that.

  3. Next stop, Spanish Inquisition!

  4. Mark Roulo says:

    Can’t let this opportunity go by …

    Next stop, Spanish Inquisition!