On the horror of Mike Mulligan

If German film director Werner Herzog narrated commentary on children’s literature, what would he make of Curious George, Madeleine or Mike Mulligan and His Steam ShovelRyan Iverson answers that question with a series of YouTube videos, including Where’s Waldo?

See more of Iverson’s videos on Omnivoracious, where Tom recalls his love of Mike Mulligan, “no doubt exactly because of the crazy undercurrent of horror mixed with love and comfort that ‘Herzog’ unearths: “His affection for the machine was out of proportion with social norms.”

Curious George “unsurprisingly, evokes Herzog jungle classics like Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre, the Wrath of God,” Tom writes. (“He lived in an obscene, overwhelming jungle where murder is the norm, and also he could not help it: he was a murderer too. Still he was a good little monkey.”)

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