Free speech and engineering

On Community College Spotlight:  FIRE and the ACLU object to Southwestern College’s “free speech patio” for students and faculty and Greenfield Community College tells engineering students they need a four-year degree to succeed.

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  1. Depends what they mean by succeed. Anything below a bachelors and you aren’t getting an engineering job. You’re a technologist or something else. It might be good for a promotion at the plant (or get you surveying instead of digging ditches), but at best you’re working for an engineer not being an engineer.

    A bachelors is good and will get your foot in the door at most companies. But if you really want to get somewhere, almost all engineers end up with masters degrees.

  2. SuperSub says:

    I was recently at a major Science, Tech, and Math conference that had a roundtable with executives from Global Foundries (AMD), IBM, and a few other tech and pharmaceutical companies.
    Pretty much everyone agreed that the best bang-for-the-buck degree was a 2-year associate’s technical degree when you consider job openings and lifetime earnings.
    The Global Foundries VP said that they were going to hire hundreds of technicians soon at a new plant at a starting minimum of $60,000. About 1,000 teachers all instantly went silent…and wondered if they should go back to school.

  3. Walter_E_Wallis says:

    You need to read rapidly, with comprehension and where appropriate, enjoyment.
    You need math nudging calculus and enough stat to know when you are being snowed.
    And you need curiosity.