Even the teachers have senioritis

This was just too cute not to mention:

Verdugo Hills High School has abruptly canceled a three-day “stay at home” field trip for seniors after a parent and officials questioned it.

The idea was to get seniors off campus during the three days of annual standardized testing of underclassmen. Other schools fill the seniors’ time with prepping for graduation ceremonies, special assemblies, senior picnics, career days, class photos, movies, make-up work — you name it.

The academic rigor varies.

Field trips during this period also are popular, but students elsewhere typically go somewhere.

Three short thoughts:

1) “The academic rigor varies” should be put on bumperstickers.  That’s hilarious.

2) Apparently, when absolutely nothing went wrong yesterday with this plan, the school district realized that it had to be stopped!

3) It sort of takes the joy of senior ditch day out of it when your school schedules it for you, no?


  1. My son’s history teacher is showing a video of “Schindler’s List” which is a long film and will take several days and though he’s probably a good teacher, it appears he’s starting his summer vacation early.

  2. Student of History says:

    I thought Sr Ditch Day was the day everyone else took the PSAT.

    I think I need to talk to that boy.