Cursing and low-debt degrees

On Spotlight:  A Mississippi community college punishes a student for profanity in an after-class discussion and swearing and students are advised to seek college degrees without a lot of debt.

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  1. Cardinal Fang says:

    Neither the student nor the instructor comes off well in the cursing case. He was cursing in a class-related conversation with the professor outside of class. How much should colleges enforce civility in teacher-student communications?

  2. PBateman5150 says:

    I just listened to the 30 min. hearing ( and the way it sounds he wasn’t speaking to the teacher at all. He was speaking to another student. So this lady was eavesdropping on his conversation and then freaks out about it.

  3. Cardinal Fang says:

    Using profane language while talking with a teacher about academics might, maybe, defensibly be worthy of punishment, though just barely, even if the profanity wasn’t directed at the teacher. Using profane language when talking to a friend? Yo, teacher, stop eavesdropping if you don’t want to hear what you don’t want to hear.