CC students do it without aid

On Spotlight:  Community college students often fail to apply for financial aid because they don’t know they’re eligible.  Those who pay their own way are less likely to complete a certificate or degree: Paid work interferes with classwork.

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  1. There’s got to be a way for those of us in the community with experience dealing with higher ed bureaucracy to connect with needy students. I’d volunteer an evening walking a low-income student through filling out the FAFSA & Cal Grant paperwork. I’m sure there are plenty of other people who would as well. I just don’t know whom I would need to contact to be matched up with a needy student.

  2. This is absurd. You’ve posted any number of sob stories about students who took on student loans that they couldn’t pay off.

    Given the likelihood that a community college student won’t finish college, why on earth are people promoting more loans that these kids won’t pay off?

  3. Not all financial aid comes in the form of loans. Pell Grants do not have to be repaid and neither do Cal Grants.

  4. I know, but the money isn’t enough to offset the need to work.
    Plus, 77% to 58? That’s hardly a difference to get worked up about.

  5. A Pell Grant would more than cover the tuition at my local community college.