Cambodian teacher wins ruling

Arizona isn’t the only state trying to get teachers with heavy accents and poor English fluency out of the classroom.

A Cambodian-born teacher in Lowell, Massachusetts who failed state-mandated English fluency tests may get her job back because she was on a medical leave for post-traumatic stress when she took the tests.

A survivor of the Khmer Rouge camps, Phanna Kem Robishaw, a first-grade teacher, was hired in 20002 to help Cambodian immigrant students. In 2002, Massachusetts voters passed a law requiring students to be taught in English by teachers fluent in English.  The court did not rule on the English-fluency requirement.

Via Education Week.

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  1. I’d make an exception for anyone who was living proof of how totalitarian governments dedicated to utopian principles actually operate.

  2. My brother and I have serious problems understanding anybody who speaks English with a heavy accent. We’ve ran into problems at college all the time with visiting professors and university tutors we can’t understand at all.