What happened to the C student?

In What happened to the C student? on Community College Spotlight, a long-time community college instructor misses the “critical mass of average students” who used to do enough work to muddle through his history classes.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    The question might be, why are they there? As a qualification for some kind of assistance?
    It would seem odd that a young person, or the young person’s parents, would pony up the money on the possibility that the person, having spent a decade demonstrating first-rate slackerhood, would actually do the work. For the first time.
    Got to be somebody else’s money starting this.
    My wife once taught in such a situation.

  2. I teach at a small regional college, and I see a similar pattern. We get some really outstanding students who earn As and Bs, we have a lot of students who seem to lack motivation and drive and who do the bare minimum and earn Ds (I have heard “D is for Diploma” enough times to make me want to scream), but “solid C” students are rarer.

    I frequently have bimodal grade distributions. Everyone in my department does.


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