Special ed option for laid-off teachers

Young teachers are losing their jobs, but districts can’t find enough special education teachers. The California Teacher Corps is offering alternative certification and “matchmaking” services to enable laid-off teachers to fill special-ed vacancies.

Educated Guess explains:

. . .  alternative programs can place candidates immediately in a classroom, as interns, as long as they are intensively coached by veteran teachers throughout the year.

CTC is also providing training to special ed teachers on working with children with autism spectrum disorders.

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  1. You know, I always hear about these “special ed” jobs, but there aren’t very many on ed join.

    Also, this talk about “laid off teachers” never specifies what type of teachers are being laid off. Middle school? High school? English teachers? Math teachers?

  2. My little college has an accelerated graduate level program for current teachers to obtain a second license or alternative license (AEL) in special education. By and large, the program draws teachers with low levels of reading, math, and writing skills. The entrance requirement for the program is just a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, which (nowadays) anyone can obtain, especially if the undergraduate major was education. The program has been going strong for 6 years now.

  3. I just love the part about being intensively coached by veteran teachers. For what, a stipend of 300 bucks? I am sick and tired of these programs pushing quasi-trained teachers into schools and expecting veteran teachers to pick up their slack!

  4. Nicole: that’s 3X our stipend for mentoring/coaching new teachers.


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