'Slutty chic' for the prom

Prom dresses are going risqué this year, reports the New York Post.

The hot trend is slutty chic — with cleavage-revealing frocks, bellybutton-baring gowns and dresses made of barely enough fabric to make a washcloth.

. . . Nathan Vaknin, manager of Fiesta Ladies Fashion, a dress store on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, said, “For prom this year, girls want short and poofy or long, tight-fitting, with everything cut out — the sides are gone, the back is gone, the front is basically gone.

Popular prom styles in New York City cost more than $300, reports the Post.

Belly-baring cut outs are among the top 10 prom fashion trends in Minnesota, but the rest sound innocent enough.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Might as well. Last time in their lives they’ll be able to carry it off.
    And they can always say later they were too young to know better.

  2. You know, it may be time to abolish the prom. Between this, the annual drunk-driving scares, and the cases of schools wanting to ban homosexual couples from attending a prom together, proms very likely have outlived their usefulness.

    Disclaimer: I did not go to my own prom. I didn’t get asked, and by the time I got up the courage to ask a guy, he had already asked another girl to go.

  3. Pinetree says:

    Interestingly, proms did wither in some communities in the ’70’s. Residual effects of the counterculture, if I remember correctly. Nowadays, I think another reason to morph proms into some other activity would be the expense. Totally out of control.

  4. Don’t high schools have dress codes any more?

    I can still remember parts of mine: skirts no shorter than 1″ above the knee, no slits that go above that same level, backs couldn’t go lower than the waist, tops had to be long enough such that no stomach was shown when the arms were raised, no plunging necklines, no strapless or spaghetti strap tops without a jacket/sweater on top, etc.

  5. Our school requires that prom clothes meet school dress code guidelines. (One exception – spaghetti straps or no straps.) If they can’t wear it to school, they can’t wear it to prom. Nuff said.

  6. :yawn: I remember two-piece belly-baring “gowns” from my own senior prom. Not that I think they’re okay. Just that it’s hardly a new trend.

  7. The thing is – and I realize I’m entering old-fart territory here – these body-baring dresses aren’t even pretty. I can’t think of anyone I’d want to see in one.


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