Ravitch is Wrong Week

Stuart Buck presents Ravitch is Wrong Week on Jay P. Greene’s Blog. He accuses the education historian’s new book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System, of:

  1. Ignoring or selectively citing scholarly literature;
  2. Misinterpreting the scholarly literature that she does cite;
  3. Caricaturing her opponents in terms of strawman arguments, rather than taking the best arguments head-on;
  4. Tendering logical fallacies; and
  5. Engaging in a double standard, such as holding a disfavored position to a high burden of proof while blithely accepting more problematic evidence that supports one’s own position (or not looking for evidence at all). ]

Eduwonk features a discussion between Ravitch and Paul Peterson, author of Saving Schools: From Horace Mann to Virtual Learning.

By the way, my book, Our School, is selling for three cents (plus $3.99 shipping). We’re talking about the hardcover! It’s embarrassing. A “collectible” signed by me is selling for $24.95. Let me just say: I can beat that price for a signed copy. After all, I buy my extra copies for $4.02.

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  1. My book, too, is going for about one cent. It’s not actually my book, it’s an anthology, but since one of of my fellow authors is John Updike, it makes me feel pretty good.

    I used a pseudonym so it didn’t even make my mother proud. She gave me a weak little smile that seemed to say, “I love you so much that I’ll believe your little lies.”

    I don’t even think I own a copy right now but’s it’s too hard to pay the $3.99 for shipping.

  2. The price is not so bad as the “New, unread, unused” remark.


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