'Private' prom with 7 students

When 18-year-old Constance McMillen asked to take her lesbian girlfriend  to the high school prom, her Mississippi school canceled the dance. McMillen sued and won, but the court didn’t force the school to reschedule the prom. Instead, the tuxedo-clad girl was invited to a “private prom” chaperoned by school officials. Only seven students — including McMillen and two friends — went to the alternative prom. Most of McMillen’s classmate were at another private prom to which she was not invited.

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  1. I would say shame on the school, but it would appear that the high school is full of bigotry and hatred. Ms. Mcmillen should take heart however, if she becomes successful, chances are that she’ll never have to keep track of most of the people she went to high school with.

    I would say I keep in touch with less than a dozen people that I knew well in high school, and run into the rest at reunions or conferences, etc.

  2. Devilbunny says:

    She’s a lesbian from small-town Mississippi. Whether she is successful or not, she’s almost certainly not going to stay there.

  3. So this means, what? The bigots win? Is that a good thing?

  4. Wow, so the rest of the students didn’t really care for her hijacking the Prom for her own agenda? Whodah thunk it.

  5. padrock says:

    Yeah, jeff, the other kids really didn’t like the fact that someone different wanted to enjoy prom like everyone else.

    Are you serious? Her agenda? All this girl wanted to do was go to the prom with her date, not that big of a deal. Instead, the school freaks out and decides to cancel the prom, causing everyone to blame this poor girl. So she fought back, and quite effectively I must say. She fought back against bigotry and ignorance, something I hope every American does in their lifetime.

    So is that the agenda you’re talking about? Being against discrimination?

  6. Cardinal Fang says:

    That school told a federal judge that Ms. McMillen was invited to the private prom. It’s not nice to lie to a federal judge. He could get peeved.

    Jeff the Baptist– her private agenda? Her private agenda of what, going to the prom with her date? How is that a private agenda? It’s the same agenda all the other kids had.

  7. Miller Smith says:

    Wuld it be okay if a single student wanted to bring their two (or more) dates to the school prom?

    Not kidding. No joke. What think?

  8. @ Miller Smith –

    Would it be okay if a person wanted to bring a date of a different race to the prom?

  9. Cardinal Fang says:

    Miller Smith, My niece went to her prom with a group of female friends. She tells me that’s the norm in some areas. So I’d say, sure, if one student wants to bring a couple of other students, fine.

  10. Cranberry says:

    The courts cannot compel the student body to attend a private prom. They cannot compel the parents of the other party to invite anyone. Once the prom left the school’s control, the government has no control over the matter.

    Remind me again why high schools have proms?

  11. Miller Smith says:

    Another race? Who…who…just who would do something like that!?!? Some kind of omnisexual?

    Yet another reason to get the government out of education

  12. This whole situation is just so stupid. Stupid of the school to require approval of prom dates in the first place and then to cancel the prom because they didn’t like Ms. McMillen’s. Stupid of Ms. McMillen to make a Federal case out of it. Stupid of the judge to say the First Amendment applies (it’s a high school dance, not a protest march). Stupid of the parents to set up the fake prom in order to exclude Ms. McMillen. Stupid of the media to make this molehill into a mountain. Stupid of us to waste our time commenting on said molehill/mountain. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

  13. Crimson Wife.

    I thought we went over this last time. First amendment protects freedom of assembly and speech regardless of its nature (political, social, etc.). If you don’t believe me, read through the court ruling and the Constitution. If you really believe that standing up for freedom is stupid, then you really do not get what it means to be American.

    Jeff the Baptist,

    Do your own thinking instead of regurgitating media talking points. You seriously sound like a bad radio talk show host in your very brief yet very ill informed post.

  14. superdestroyer says:

    Proms are an anachronism that should have been ended long ago. As schools become more diverse and students have broader experiences, there is little reason for schools to try to promote forced socialization.

    A have loved reading all of the comments on major blogs like Huffington POst, Firelakedog, and alternet. The urban elites demonstrate little understanding or knowledge of small, rural, or poor communities. The idea that the kids at Itawamba Agricultural High School have the same motivations and plans as the rich kids at Sidwell Friends, Punahoe, or Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School is laughable.

    People forget that the elite segregate their children by sending them to elite schools that are filled with nothing but elites. I doubt that President Obama’s daughers have any learning disable children at their school, any illegal immigrants, or any gang bangers. Poor whites have to adopt different survival skills than the elite.

  15. Cardinal Fang says:

    From looking at photos of the real prom, the school appears racially mixed. So we’re not just talking about “poor whites.”

    I don’t understand how humiliating gays and learning disabled students counts as a “survival skill.” People can dance next to a person with Down’s or a lesbian, and they will survive. Wanton cruelty is just bad behavior that we all ought to condemn; it’s not a survival skill.

  16. Swede- I disagree. I think there’s a time and a place for political speech and a high school dance just isn’t it. Nor is a military funeral (such as in the Topeka case headed to the Supreme Court).

  17. padrock says:

    Yeah. Shame on that girl for making political speech by wanting to take her date to a prom?

    That was not political. She simply wanted to go to prom with her girlfriend. The school made it political. And she fought back, like any good person should.

  18. Don Bemont says:

    Crimson Wife, you really sound like a person who is trying to minimize freedom of expression by sequestering it in special places: Want to go give a speech? Want to write a blog? Fine, but don’t even think about expressing yourself contrary to majority taste in regular social situations.

    The American way, as I understand it, is exactly the other way around. The limits on freedom of expression are to be sequestered to those situations where tangible harm is likely to result.

    On the other hand, those other students have every right to stay away. I find their viewpoint distasteful, but they are also free to express themselves by associating with whomever they prefer.


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