Gay toon joins Archie comics

Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Betty, Moose and Midge are getting a new classmate at Riverdale High: Kevin Keller, Archieworld’s first openly gay character.

“Riverdale has always been a safe world for everyone. It just makes sense to have an openly gay character in Archie comic books,” said Archie Comics Co- CEO, Jon Goldwater.

In “Isn’t it Bromantic?” Kevin Keller “is the new hunk in town and Veronica just has to have him.” After Kevin defeats Jughead in a burger-eating contest at Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe, Veronica makes a play for Kevin, while Jughead tries to make sure she doesn’t realize why the new guy just isn’t interested. “Mayhem and hilarity ensue,” according to Archie Comics.

I wonder if Kevin will find romance at Riverdale High.

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  1. Scrooge McDuck says:

    I’m more worried about how Big Moose is going to react to Kevin.

  2. Richard Nieporent says:

    There was a time when comics were supposed to be funny. Now they have to provide social commentary.

  3. How is adding a new character providing social commentary, Richard? Is being funny and being relevant mutually exclusive in some way?

  4. Richard,

    Is inclusion of blacks and Hispanics in comic strips disagreeable “social commentary” for you too? Isn’t raw prejudice the only reason NOT to include gay characters? Homosexuality isn’t a “lifestyle” chosen by perverse individuals; it’s a natural phenomenon that occurs in about 5% of any given population. Don’t worry, gays cannot convert your straight grandkids, just as straights cannot convert gays to heterosexuality. Just as we finally stopped discriminating against left-handed people, we need to stop discriminating against gay people. I’m sorry if you adhere to a medieval religion (Islam?) that instructs otherwise. Let’s advance toward enlightenment.

  5. Remember when Ahmadinejad said that there were no gay people in Iran? The audience literally laughed at him. That is the perfect response. Now that’s funny! Archie, let’s be honest here, is not.

  6. Richard,

    I apologize for the slur “medieval religion”. I shouldn’t have been so harsh. A lapse of civility for which I’m ashamed.

  7. BadaBing says:

    I am all for having a gay character in Archie, provided that he not be sanitized but portrayed true-to-life with all the pathologies that the gay life-style encompass: obsession with sex, bath houses, pornography, gay bars as meat markets, relationships that last as long as the sexual heat lasts, unbridled and unrestricted desire, trolling, glory holes, one-night stands, man and boy love, and the loneliness and unhappiness that pertains thereunto.

  8. Richard Nieporent says:

    It is amazing what meaning some people want to attribute to my benign comment. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. It appears that there are some people on a hair-trigger edge who are just waiting for someone to say something that they deem offensive. In fact you don’t even have to say it. They will impugn you motive and castigate you to prove that they are morally superior. Ben F I would suggest that you at try finding out what someone meant first before going off of the deep end.

  9. Oh Badabing,

    Pathology is restricted to homosexuals I see. We don’t have heterosexual men poring over pornography (there are scarcely any pictures of naked women on the Internet), frequenting prostitutes and high-end escort services, engaging in compulsive sexual escapades with women other than their wives, molesting little girls, raping women, using bars as meat markets, jilting women, and leaving illness-striken wives for younger women (McCain and Gingrich). It is fitting that we do not show all heterosexual comics characters doing these things, because they are so rare and uncharacteristic of the heterosexual lifestyle.

  10. Oh, take a pill Ben. Once the pressure’s off to demonstrate political correctness the gay character will disappear since this is, for God’s sake, the Archie comic.

    Fact is, I’m a bit surprised you aren’t offended by Kevin’s chiseled good looks and sharp fashion sense. Are some stereotypes welcomed?

  11. Ben F and Badabing: You can be assured that neither Kevin nor the heterosexual Archie Comics characters will ever do any such thing, because they are Archie Comics characters. All Archie Comics characters are virgins by company policy. This also explains why the kids’ parents never appear in the comics, the principal looks like he still lives with his mother, and (in a different series from the same company), Sabrina the Teenage Witch lives with her maiden aunts.


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