Bullying worries

Bullying and harassment are a serious problem in local schools, say 74 percent of respondents to a Public Agenda survey. However, illegal drugs and lack of respect for teachers raised even more concerns.

Parents were slightly less worried about bullying, drugs and respect.

Physical fighting and cheating in schools are lesser concerns for both the total public (59 percent and 55 percent, respectively) and parents (55 percent for fighting, 48 percent for cheating).

More than a third of Americans say they were bullied in school, but only 8 percent say they were bullied “a lot.”

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  1. Michael E. Lopez, Esq. says:

    I’ve suspected for some time now that the reason that bullying seems to have become something of an epidemic isn’t because children’s behavior towards each other has significantly changed, but because one’s peer group is so much more important than it used to be, given the decline in family strength.

    There was a time, I seem to recall, when what really mattered to you was what your father thought of your character, not what some mean kids at school thought. When the strength of one’s identity can be found in the home, bullying becomes an annoyance, not a crippling catastrophe.

  2. Seeing how there is more talk today about Cyber Bullying, I’m wondering how wide-spread its getting. My daughter, who is 9 and in 3rd grade, asks me if I was bullied in school and it seems like she has one or two kids that pick on her. I’ve had to go and speak to her teacher about this because as it was effecting my daughter’s education.

    For me, as a parent of two kids, my biggest concern would be my daughter’s well-being while at school and I believe that it can seriously effect her learning habits, focus, and desire to go to school. I personally walk her to class each day so that other kids can see she has parents that are concerned and that they should mess with her. I also think fighting, illegal drugs, and respect for teachers are all big concerns.

  3. Elizabeth says:


    I’m convinced that it is getting to be a majority of parents who have ceeded their parental responsibilites.My daughter attends a private Christian school, but the parents for the most part exert zero discipline. There are 7th graders going on “exclusive” dates. Facebook and Twitter are more important than what their teachers (who are really good, or we would not have her there) or parents say. I think the parents are too busy being adolescents themselves, or too self centered to care.