Britain: Fine parents of disruptive kids

Parents of disruptive students should face fines, says Britain’s Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

In truancy cases the courts already have powers to issue parenting orders, stipulating a child’s bedtime and forcing parents to make sure their son or daughter arrives on time for school in the correct uniform.

But Ed Balls wants schools to use the orders against families of badly behaved pupils as well.

Parents face heavy fines for violating parenting orders, which may force them to attend school meetings and counseling sessions. (Here’s betting that few actually pay the fines.)

Under a proposed law, parents “will be required to sign a home-school agreement which states that they agree with the school’s policy on behaviour.” Those who refuse to sign will be subject to the rules anyhow — and Balls said “parents who did not sign should possibly be investigated by social services.”

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  1. What has happened to that country?


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