56,000 spycam images

The Philadelphia Inquirer has more on the investigation of the Lower Merion School District spycam case,

(School) employees activated the web cameras and tracking software on laptops they gave to high school students about 80 times in the past two school years, snapping nearly 56,000 images that included photos of students, pictures inside their homes and copies of the programs or files running on their screens, district investigators have concluded.

. . . in at least five instances, school employees let the Web cams keep clicking for days or weeks after students found their missing laptops, according to the review. Those computers – programmed to snap a photo and capture a screen shot every 15 minutes when the machine was on – fired nearly 13,000 images back to the school district servers.

Only one student was monitored for failing to pay insurance on the laptop, investigators say.  That must have been sophomore Blake Robbins, who filed suit.  In 15 cases, investigators were unable to determine why school officials turned on the spycam.

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  1. Seems like overkill – 37,000 or so should be plenty.

  2. Lou Gots says:

    Every day, every fact which comes out, the School District gets in deeper and deeper. IF they had been honest with their defense lawyer–a big “if,” given how totally dumb they have been–that lawyer should have advised immediately, “Settle, you fools!” The school’s B.S. excuses peel away like layers of an onion, and every layer makes them look worse and worse.

    An apology, a correction of their protocols and a fast $100K dragged through the trailer park might have made this go away confidentially. That would have been too easy. No, pigs will be pigs. “It’s all the kid’s fault, because he didn’t pay the security deposit.” Only it turns out that they don’t really spy on people for the security deposit, they do it to get their jollies, so that’s a lie too. Every lie, every B.S. story, that jury just gets madder and madder. Ka-ching!

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    “We didn’t know how to/forgot to turn the things off” excuse isn’t working?


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