Test Rock

Gary Lighthouse Charter School psyches up students for Indiana’s state exam with a rap: “We can make this test rock.” It’s based on Young Money’s Bedrock, which apparently is popular with middle schoolers. I can’t believe how young these teachers are.

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  1. So the reason our kids work so hard is to “show what they know” on a single state test? This is the operative definition of getting a good education?

    I remember coming into school one day in 6th grade and taking the Stanford Achievement Test. I don’t remember being prepped for it, attending spirit rallies, and I sure as hell don’t remember my teachers getting us “psyched up” for the test. Ick.

    God bless this group of enthusiastic, dedicated teachers. How dispiriting that this is what education has been reduced to.

  2. It’s sh!t like this that makes me hate teaching. People see this and two things happen; 1) people not in education, and don’t realize the importance of the tests, think we are all fools like this. 2) parents who see this thinks it’s great and wants to know why we didn’t do something for their kids. lose lose situation.


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