'Stuck' on low

Low-performing schools are not alike, concludes an Education Trust report. Analysis of 10 states’ data shows “some low-performing schools remain stuck year after year, and others that started low performing are among the fastest improvers in their states.”

Stuck Schools: A Framework for Identifying Schools Where Students Need Change—Now! (pdf) will help target turnaround efforts, said Daria Hall, director of K-12 policy at The Education Trust and coauthor of the report.

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  1. what would be more helpful than identifying “stuck” schools (which most of us can do without a big, fancy edtrust telling us) is some solutions for how to “unstick” the school(s).

    the article doesn’t tell us, nor plans to tell us what the schools that made progress were doing to make that progress.

    as a teacher, i often wonder why we get so few solutions from the highly paid experts at edtrusts. the distinguished educators at my building rarely, if ever, have told me something to try that i haven’t already thougth of on my own. (granted, there are quite a few stick in the mud teachers in my building that are not trying, so we have no real success) and their fail-safe is usually a subtly worded message about, did i look at the eligible content/released items and am i using those in my classroom. (this is code for: teach to the test)