Kansas City school closure round-up

Nearly half  the public schools in Kansas City, MO will be shut down to forestall bankruptcy, according to the board of education there.   I’ve rounded up some news stories and blog posts about this measure.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

CS Monitor    Kansas City to close 26 schools. Unprecedented move in US?

NY Times       Board’s Decision to Close 28 Kansas City Schools Follows Years of Inaction

Rod Dreher   Why did Kansas City’s public schools fail?

Tony’s Kansas City  YouTube on Kansas City School Closings

KMBC                Teachers React to School Closings

KCTV                  School Board Candidates Answer Tough Questions

Glenn Sandifer  Kansas City Locals Defend, Mourn School Closings


  1. Once a school/district culture becomes toxic (dominated by antisocial behavior and anti-education attitudes), it isn’t only whites that will flee the system, either by moving out or by using charter/private schools. Even in generally affluent suburbs, a small percentage of black kids who see black academic success as a betrayal of their race can poison the well for many/most of the black kids in the school, through ridicule and abuse. I’ve seen it happen to friends of my own kids, despite the best efforts of professional, married parents to counteract it. In the end, lots of kids were moved to private, often religious, schools (even if the religion was not theirs).