Greetings from Southern California!

I want to thank Joanne for the opportunity to guest-blog here at the site.  Some of you may know me from the comments section here, and some of you may remember me from back in the Stone Age when I had my own blog, Highered Intelligence.  (Now defunct.)

I’ll be blogging on educational issues mostly — although my first post has more to do with culture than education.  Just by way of a little background, I’m an attorney who is currently working his way through the Philosophy PhD program at UCLA.  My main areas of interest, as far as blogging is concerned, are the law as it relates to parenting and authority over children, curriculum design, school safety policy, educational labor policy, and homeschooling.  I make no promises to limit myself to these topics, however.


  1. Welcome. You are a good choice.

  2. welcome aboard. Looking forward to your posts.