And you think U.S. rules are crazy . . .

In Wiltshire, England, school staff left a five-year-old boy stranded in a tree for 45 minutes because the school’s “health and safety policy” barred them from helping him down. When a woman passing by rescued the boy and returned him to class, she was reported to the police for trespassing.

The head teacher said the staff followed the policy to “observe from a distance” so the child would not get “distracted and fall.”

Kim Barrett, 38, said the boy couldn’t have been seen from the school building. When she returned him, nobody seemed to know he’d never come in from recess.  She spotted the boy sitting on a branch more than six feet high overhanging the sidewalk.

The head teacher says Barrett was “verbally aggressive” to a school staffer when she charged the boy had been abandoned. Perhaps she was.

During a fire drill at an English middle school in Worcester, students watched a gunman kill a teacher. The mock shooting was supposed to be a science lesson “to teach Year 8 pupils how to investigate, collect facts and analyse evidence.” The headmaster apologized, suggesting that students wouldn’t have been so upset if the fake victim had been a less popular teacher.

New York Magazine asks: “They couldn’t have just pretended to lose the class rabbit or something?”

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  1. I wonder why England could never figure out why the colonies revolted from their rule, but the example in this article makes it plain. In reading it, it appears that stupidity is the order of the day at schools in England.

  2. In England there have been several cases of people dying because Health & Safety rules have prohibited those on hand from coming to the rescue. In one case, for example, an old man drowned in a drainage ditch while onlookers were prevented from climbing down the embankment.

    It is this same mentality in Britain in which police say they have no obligation to protect, but will go after those who try to protect themselves. The greatest crime is that the people of England accept this.

    People who so willingly accept a bureaucrat as their master cannot, in any meaningful sense, be called free. England is now a nation of serfs.

  3. dangermom says:

    ….and the English legislature is trying to pass a law that would make homeschooling much less legal. Because the schools are much more qualified to take care of children, and those homeschoolers are dangerous crazies.

  4. So, to understand the English H&S laws right, a professional trained in rescues from trees would have been the only option to help the 5 year old out?

  5. Margo/Mom says:

    Ummm. I suspect it might have looked a bit different in the US, but not altogether. I think that in the US, we tend to view the trees themselves as hazardous. Our children’s play yards are paved over, or mulched, or filled with recycled tire bits. But not so much in the way of accessible trees. Certainly not “woods.”

    But, I don’t think a school year goes by without several children overlooked asleep on buses at the end of a run–despite rules that specify that a driver is to walk the length of the bus to make certain that every child has exited (actually, there might be more effective check systems). So, we know that adults in charge sometimes overlook missing children.

    Further, we in the US are just about as hostile to parents or (horrors) members of the community, who come into or near any school grounds or building. And, sorry to say, the usual response when anyone from either of these groups is angry or upset–whether justified or not–is to tell them to leave and threaten them with trespassing if they do not. The fact that the school was obviously negligent (whether they followed the “rules” or not) would certainly tend to enhance the likelihood of this response.

  6. -when the child would scratch his knee while being rescued the woman would have to pay for the docters cost also.
    -they don`t take into consideration that the longer the ordeal takes the more psychological damage the child suffers.
    -mind you this kind of rape of common sense spreads all over the world and especially in coutries where lawyers exist.
    -lawyers (mostly people full of themselves)allways try to find loopholes to turn arround the logical answer.
    -small example: when you injure a burglar you`ll have to pay his hospital bill
    -it`s sickkening,can go on like this for hours


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