What's up in Harlem

Hope or Hype In Harlem? in City Limits looks at the Harlem Children’s Zone.

The package includes interviews with zone founder Geoffrey Canada, who says the measure of success is college graduation, with an English teacher at the zone’s charter high school and with a parent. Her 15-year-old son left the charter school — too much “attitude” — and is sporadically attending a district-run special-ed school. Her second son is a top student who enjoys reading and shows talent in math.

Last year, the family enjoyed three days and nights in Disney World, thanks to Dijonne’s high marks. “For the kids who made the bull’s-eyes— all fours— they get to go to Disney World,” said Acosta. She says the sixth-graders went to Paris and the eighth-graders took a cruise to Ecuador, because “they’re studying the rainforest.”

The first-grade girl wants to earn top grades so they family can take another trip. “In the meantime, a play she wrote was produced in the HCZ after-school puppetry workshop.”

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  1. Hockey Mom says:

    Three day trip to Disneyworld? Paris? Ecuador? this is not sustainable. Nor should it be.