'Transforming' schools: Too big to succeed?

“At a time when the Tea Party, anti-big-government, pro-Sarah Palin types have the momentum,” can Arne Duncan push through another Washington-knows-best, let’s-fix-our-schools-from-the-shores-of-the-Potomac approach” to education reform, asks Mike Petrilli on Flypaper.

It’s also easy to picture conservative politicians demagoguing the “national testing issue,” like Texas Governor Rick Perry has been doing so effectively.

The “transforming” schools rhetoric may moderate, Petrilli predicts.

I don’t think the rhetoric is the problem. It’s the money.  A lot of Americans think the government is spending too much money. Do they want to spend billions of dollars in hopes of  “transforming” schools?

Update: Senior Democrats and Republicans have announced a bipartisan effort to rewrite No Child Left Behind. Here’s hoping the spirit lasts.

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