Toys to develop young nerd minds

Topless Robot suggests 10 Great Nerd Toys for Developing Young Nerd Minds.

Toys for the preschool nerd include: giant plush RPG dice, mad scientist alphabet blocks, Dismember Me Plush Zombie, Disgusting Science, the Albert Einstein action figure and a Star Wars light saber.

Via Toy Whimsy and Instapundit.

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  1. I took a peek at the toys listed. If taken lightly, an amusing list for sure. However, from a more serious POV, basics like Legos, K’nex, puzzles, and wooden train sets probably do more to develop the “nerd” mind than the toys on the list. Also, while my teens would love the Zombie (I might have to get one). It would have terrified them as preschoolers.

  2. Cranberry says:

    I agree with Rachel. Legos. Really, any sort of building toy. Basic wooden blocks. Marbles, and marble runs. Boxes. Sticks. Small electronic scales, easily used by kids. Calculators. Dice. Nerf machine guns.