'Superman' wows Sundance

Waiting for Superman, a movie bemoaning the U.S. education system, has won the audience award for best U.S. documentary at the Sundance Film Festival.

Whitney Tilson quotes his friend Kelly Amis:

The big, fabulous news is that they (the producers and director) GET IT. I knew they were highlighting charter schools, but didn’t know they would also take the teachers’ unions (and to lesser extent, bureaucracy) to task in such a big way. The three main points of the film are basically: American kids are doing terribly, tenure’s ridiculous, and parents need many more high-quality school options.

Stewart Nusbaumer on Huffington Post says the movie “demystifies” the education system.

We have tried throwing a ton of money at the problem, created a litany of newfangled reforms, even passed new laws, but nothing has worked. Our schools remain dismal.

What Waiting for Superman drives home is to improve our education system requires improving our teachers. Requires demanding our teachers get deep in the trenches, be allowed to be flexible and innovative, persist, and to be held accountable. This the teacher unions and the Democratic Party will not accept, even for the sake of our children.

Here’s another rave review.

Note that the filmmaker, Davis Guggenheim, directed Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth.

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