Students learn the physics of Olympics

Students can learn the science of the Olympics by watching videos produced by NBC Learn and the National Science Foundation that feature athletes discussing the mechanics of their sport. From the San Jose Mercury News:

. . . in 39 accompanying science lessons, most aimed at middle-schoolers, students can investigate the physics of a hockey slap shot, the biomechanics of cross-country skiers, the aerodynamics of sleek competition suits or the soar, lift and drag of ski jumpers.

The videos are here. I’ve removed the live video because I don’t know how to prevent it from opening automatically, which is very annoying. Lessonopoly has lesson plans.

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  1. Hockey Mom says:

    Great film clip. However, what it does is to create vocabulary for everyday the forces we see and experience in everyday life; I’d like to see how it leads into the vocabulary (math) that you also have to master in order to “do” physics. Can you post some of that?

  2. Inigo Montoya says:

    Can you make it so the clip doesn’t start up automatically when I open your page?

  3. I second the above; the automatic noise is very annoying.


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