Colorado teacher tackles gunman

Just doing my job, says David Benke, a math teacher at Deer Creek Middle School in Littleton, Colorado.  Benke, 57,  tackled a man with a bolt-action rifle who’d wounded two students. The 6-foot-5 teacher tackled the gunman; another teacher, Norm Hanne, helped subdue him. Becky Brown, the assistant principal, grabbed the rifle.

Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood, 32, an unemployed ranch hand, is charged with two counts of attempted murder. He was a former student at the school.

Eastwood has an arrest record in Colorado dating to 1996 for menacing, assault, domestic violence and driving under the influence, and he is believed to have a history of mental issues.

Deer Creek is just down the road from Columbine High, the site of the 1999 massacre.

Update:  Hailed as a hero, Benke is upset he didn’t get the gunmen before he shot an eighth grade boy who the teacher taught last year, reports the Denver Post.  The boy is expected to recover; the wounded girl was well enough to go home.

Sign of the times:

After being subdued, the shooter “said he was going to sue us,” Benke recalled.

Eastwood’s father said his son has been yelling at imaginary people and complaining that eating macaroni and cheese is too noisy.

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