What it's like to teach for America

Over two years, Learning Matters followed seven Teach for America recruits in New Orleans schools to see how they met the challenges of the classroom. Not all survived.

“The Perfectionist” and “The Realist” premiere on Jan. 26. The rest will be shown over the next three weeks.

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  1. Joanne,

    Thanks for the mention!

    All the video is embeddable from our site, if you ever want to share it directly with your readers.

    I love the work you do–on the blog and elsewhere. Thanks again for commenting on Teach for America (and our series). We hope the discussion will continue to grow…

    Elena (of Learning Matters)

  2. Math Teacher says:

    I just watched several of these vignettes. Well done. What do they illuminate? Mmmmm, that some students passed the tests and some didn’t. What a revelation!

    But mostly, the films show that TFA and it’s miracle high-achieving rookies may be over-rated and possibly damaging. The kid from Yale got kicked out of the ghetto. How ’bout that.
    Every one in that little film appears to be a failure… the students and the teacher. How is this helpful or transformative for anyone? As I always say, it doesn’t matter what expensive university you attend, or how high your GPA is, or how much your daddy makes. Classroom teaching is a challenge few truly understand, and it should not be reduced to transient missionary work.


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