Students fight winter ball ban

At a Canadian elementary school, two fifth-graders are fighting a  winter ban on balls in the schoolyard.

Dana Slater, the principal of D. Roy Kennedy Public School in Ottawa, said balls are banned during the winter for safety reasons.

“They’ve got snow stuck to them, they’re frozen, often there’s pebbles on them and they’re flying through the air,” Slater said. “One student fell backwards on their head and ended up with a concussion. We had a student with a ball in the eye area, which was very serious.”

Miles Lawlor and Owen Moore say recess is no fun without balls. “People are just standing around talking and not getting any exercise, and that’s the whole point of recess,” Owen Moore said.

Via Detention Slip.

At my Illinois elementary school, we had ice skating for P.E in the winter. I can’t remember if we had outdoors recess in the winter. It took so long to put on our winter clothes and then take them off.

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