So this is 2010

Not so bad, so far.

I started 2009 with bursitis and “frozen shoulder,” which made it painful to use my right arm. And I am very right handed. I had surgery to fix it in late January and went through months of physical therapy to regain my strength and flexibility. It worked! I’m starting 2010 with full use of both arms. This is good. At my age, I’m grateful for a physical problem that can be fixed.

Of course, we’re planning to go skiing this month, after a 15-year hiatus.

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  1. Congratulations on feeling better and using both arms now. Have fun on your trip. I know you will enjoy it:)

  2. Oh, frozen shoulder is the most pain I have ever had and I have had four babies naturally. I didn’t know there was surgery for it, but I am so glad you are starting the new year off with full use. I am, too. The things we take for granted….

  3. I learned to ski when I was 10 but never went more than once or twice a year, and there were many years where I didn’t go at all. I have skied on intermediate trails since junior high.

    Last year, whilst enjoying my solitude on a chairlift, I realized that I hadn’t done *anything* new on skis in well over 20 years (when I tried a black diamond trail). I looked down from the chair, saw the half-pipe, and knew what I must do.

    It was such a rush! Just to make sure I wasn’t a wuss (with apologies to Yale types) I did it two more times–and then returned to my intermediate trails.


  4. Yay! Glad your shoulder has come right. I have a nagging weak tendon in my knee that I’m starting to think I will have to see a physio about.

    Enjoy the skiing!