Seen with stripper, suspended

When a photo of a bridal shower was posted on Facebook, someone spotted a Pennsylvania high school teacher standing near a male stripper.  Brownsville Area School District suspended  was suspended for one month.

This is an invasion of privacy and an abuse of power, writes Jonathan Turley. I agree.

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  1. Especially considering it wasn’t even her Facebook!

  2. People always claim that it’s too hard to get rid of bad teachers (because of the unions and all) but it always seems ridiculously easy in cases like this, where the teacher has offended someone’s sensibilities. Why is that?

  3. The economic world is not the only one that has flattened. The social world has as well. Where it used to be easy to manage different social spheres (work-related, school-related, friends, family, etc…) it’s becoming more complex. What Stephen says is true, and social networking ala facebook makes it even easier to find cases that may ‘offend’. We’re playing a new game with the old rules…

  4. I do, think, however, that teachers shouldn’t that there isn’t someone watching and listening. Someone always is. Although standing next to a stripper isn’t the worst offense a teacher can make, I know I have better things to do with my free time.

  5. My contract has a “morality” clause. Basically they could fire me for what ends up on the net. She is lucky to have only been suspended.

  6. Miss Incognegro,

    Is going to s strip club illegal? Of course not. So you have something “better” to do with your time. So what? That is not the question here. The question is- did the school do something that invades the teacher’s privacy? Of course you should not put something on Facebook that you do not want the world to know about, but, as stated earlier, it was not her Facebook, but it did definitely invade her privacy. I hope she sues.

  7. In PA there are a few things a teacher can be disciplined for, insubbordination is the biggest, but there is a morals code of upholding the moral values of the region/district is one of them.

    Drunken pictures, stripper pictures, religious or otherwise and the like are possible issues. Right or wrong, professionals need to realize they must consider the places they put themselves and weigh the risks accordingly. While the case in question is extreme, facebook pictures can be front page news with a couple clicks.

    My suggestion is to make sure all the photographers know that you prefer your pictures to be private if taken in questionable places, and that you would rather the pics you are in emailed to you so you can post them. Maybe the people preaching student responsiblity need to take some too,

  8. Wow. Private, Legal, Personal. Not on School Time. No students or underage people of any kind. A bridal shower with a stripper (even if it was crude, it doesn’t matter). Posted on someone else’s account.

    There are so many things wrong with this suspension, I just don’t know where to begin.

  9. Math Teacher says:

    Sounds like a case for the ACLU.

  10. Miller Smith says:

    This was a completely legal activity. I would like to know what the legal reason for suspending the teacher will be when the school board responds to the lawsuit the teacher is filing.

    The school board can’t say it was illegal activity.

    They can’t say it was immoral activity since the school board does not suspend unwed teachers who are mothers or teachers living with the opposite sex without marriage. They don’t suspend gay teachers.

    The school board has stepped in it.

  11. George Larson says:

    What good is a teacher’s union if it will not protect its members from this kind of abuse?

  12. Well, Swede, perhaps you can break off and help the teacher pay her legal bills. And, I never said that the action was illegal. Your words to fill your argument. Her FB or not, she was in the pic, and yes, we need to be aware that pics showing us in potentially compromising situations may find their way to social networking sites.

    Anyway, I agree with Ty. Well-stated.

  13. Two words: Moral Turpitude.

    Doesn’t matter if it was her FB page or not; she was with the stripper.

    Bet the friend feels pretty awful right about now.

  14. Miller Smith says:

    Lightly Seanoned, what the teacher did by attending that party is not “Moral Turpitude.” In no sense of the word-or the legal definition BTW-can you or anyone else make a legal case that what the teacher did was Moral Turpitude.

    Moral Turpitude-legally-is always an illegal act to begin with. To make it Moral Turpitude you have to do something that is inherently evil on top of the crime itself.

    What the teacher did was a totally legal activity on which the local and state authorities collected taxes partially to fund the schools.

    The big clue that the school system knows they did the teacher wrong is the ‘shut up” routine they instantly enforced on their staff when the news organizations began asking questions. The school system knows they effed up…and they are going to pay the price for it.

  15. What ever happened to the no-pictures or other incriminating evidence being taken at bachelor/bachelorette parties?
    Everyone is focusing on the mistake by the school disrict (rightfully so), but no attention is being given to the violation of traditional social rules concerning these parties…

  16. I’m with SuperSub, who takes pictures at bachelor/bachelorette parties?

  17. Miller: I’m not making a case. I think it is absurd. Just articulating what the SB is thinking. Everybody is hung up on the FB thing when that’s not really the issue.

    But, once again, I think the whole thing is absurd and the teacher in question probably should sue — as much as I abhor the idea of education money going toward legal expenses.

  18. Miss Incognegro, Ty Yost, – someone may always be watching and listening. That doesn’t oblige schools however to suspend teachers just because of what is seen and heard. Someone else is going to have to be found to teach her classes, who probably won’t be as familiar as the suspended teacher with the students, their progress and the school rules. In other words, the students’ education is likely being harmed by a stupid decision by school administrators.

    And furthermore the time the administrators spend on this takes time away from improving children’s education. Why the focus on whether what the teacher did in her free time was or wasn’t professional, while not mentioning the unprofessional behaviour of the school administration?

  19. Is there a law prohibiting teachers to attend bachelor parties? Is it the teachers fault that her picture was taken without consent and was posted in FB? I guess the school board has done the wrong decision and I’m sure that they will not win in court.


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